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07 November 2011 @ 06:41 am
Second Task Romance by Kingstongirl (Forevercountry)  
If you remember, two years ago this chick Forevercountry caught my attention with her atrocious character Faith Windrift for being the first Jesus!Sue that I had ever born witness to. It wasn't until recently when I started reading The Host that I saw yet another Jesus!Sue popping up, or at least what looks like one. Anyway, if you have no idea, Faith Windrift was this girl that somehow managed to be born several weeks before her twin brother Harry without any problem, fooled the healers into thinking she was still born in the womb and then called Death to her who then explained that she not only could talk on her own, but that she would be a seer and a psychic. In retrospect I should never have been so angry at the thing as I had been, because I have seen far, far worse and I completely forgot about this chick and her dinky little sue right after the suethor claimed she was leaving the internet forever.

Well, surprise, surprise, she didn't do that. I hardly expected her to. She came back and changed her name to Kingstongirl, which I can only conclude that she lives in Kingston, Washington by way of deduction. She said she lived in Washington when I spoke to her last and there is a Kingston, WA, therefore she must live there. But, I digress. She wrote another little fic after she challenged me to read the H/Hr fic she had after I finished ripping her Faith Windrift a new orifice. That one happened two years ago and was about the Yule Ball and I seem to recall it was boring and I didn't care about it that much. Well, she did it again and she's just as boring and ridiculously stupid as she was then. This chick told me she was enrolled in a high standard school and had a 4.0 GPA. She clearly didn't earn that grade or she's lying out her ass. I had a 3.4 GPA in high school and I write circles around her with a far better understanding of common fucking sense and reading comprehension.

Which brings me to the other reason I did this. You see, I know I've spoken about the horrors of Harry/Hermione relationshippers before, but I can't help but reiterate it every single fucking time I come across them again. I was part of the Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione crowd that would jump into the debate threads and was baffled by the sheer amount of absolute stupidity I encountered from the smug Harry/Hermione shippers that it's stuck with me forevermore. I don't think I'll ever accurately describe just the sheer ruthlessness with which these people went about trying to fully oppress any opposition to their cause. I'll speak of this again on another one that'll drive all of this home, but suffice it to say these people would gang up in absurdly high numbers and spout off irrelevant information from the books that they claimed supported their cause while also claiming Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny shippers were oppressive and stupid for not "reading between the lines". If I sound the least bit bitter about these folks believe me when I say it is Earned. These people drove me insane back when Book Five was only a concept on the forums and even now they continue to drive me over the edge of my sanity with their sheer stupidity.

So Forevercountry is an H/Hr. She has progressed from utter shit to an average H/Hr writer. That's at least some sort of improvement, though her grammar and spelling still lack. She's only a bit better with that, though don't hold out for much better than perhaps primary school level. Again, she clearly didn't earn that 4.0 GPA. At all.

So here we have the meat of this. There isn't much to it. I'll summarize this as well as I can given how stupid and pointless this fic is. I mean, this thing is incredibly pointless, but then most H/Hr fics are. Since this is pretty average for one, then there's not much I can say for it except that Harry and Hermione have an inexplicable romance in this. Okay, see, this takes place during GoF when Harry's trying to find a way into the lake without drowning himself. At this point Harry is working with Hermione And Ron, but the author completely neglects this, because why would anyone care about stupid, abusive Ron Weasley? So I've concluded that Ron is actually being portrayed by Draco Malfoy wearing a cheap costume. You'll see what I'm talking about. Oh, and another thing about your average H/Hr. There are many that don't hate Ron or the Weasleys, but they inconvenient to their desired end so they usually end up paired with someone non-threatening like Luna or Neville. (Personally I like Luna/Neville. *shrug*)

For the previous posts, there's Can I Have This Dance? and Faith Windrift. And for those curious, yes, I did make up Forevercountry's appearance entirely from my head. I have no idea what she or others look like. I tried to come up with the most forgettable appearance possible given how she sort of disappears from my head the moment I stop thinking about how much of an idiot she is. It's almost a guarantee that a week after this gets put up I'll completely forget she exists.

Second Task Romance by Kingstongirl

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